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Cellulite Treatment in Meridian, ID

Cellulite happens to most women as they age.  Many think it is caused by toxins in the body, but in reality it happens when the underlying fat begins to push through the layers of connective tissue under the skin.  When this happens the tension in the connective tissue pulls down on the skin, thus creating the ‘dimple’ that is characteristic of cellulite.

Many women try a variety of over the counter, or even prescription creams to try to get rid of cellulite.  They rarely work.  If they do appear to work it only minimally reduces the cellulite appearance.  It is not a cellulite cure.  There is currently no cure.  There are a lot of cellulite remedies promoted that people think will help, but they don’t make as much of a difference as users would like.

Even though we can’t cure it for you, Mountain Pine Dermatology does offer the best cellulite treatment,
Cellfina.  This is an effective treatment used on mild to severe cellulite that treats the primary cause of cellulite- the tension in the connective bands.

Cellfina releases the tension on the bands causing the dimples, and within three days the skin will ‘bounce back’ and appear smoother.  This is the longest lasting and most effective treatment for cellulite today.


Cellfina is a one-time treatment.

First we will mark the dimples, then we will numb the area and administer the treatment.  This usually takes less than an hour and then you can go back to work or your other activities for the day.  Although we do recommend that you take it easy the first 24 hours.

Who is more susceptible to cellulite?

Older women – Women are more susceptible anyway because they have less supportive connective tissue than men, but as they age they produce less estrogen.  Estrogen helps with blood circulation.  With less estrogen and less blood flow to the connective tissues, they become even weaker.
Poor Blood Circulation – If you have poor blood circulation the blood can’t get to the connective tissues, making them weak.  Weak connective tissues will react more easily to the tension pulling on the tissues and create the cellulite dimples.
Lack of exercise and toning of muscles – Yoga or strength training can help prevent cellulite or at least help it not be as severe.
Hereditary – Cellulite does run in families, however that is only a small part of the puzzle.  You can still do things to try to prevent it such as strength training and doing other activities to increase blood circulation.
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Customer Reviews

“I #ditchedthedimples with #cellfina and couldn't be happier with my results!! Thanks to Dr. Thomas who was so professional, experienced, timely and compassionate! I've done cellulite treatments in the past that didn't even touch the surface. This treatment is amazing and the best on the market! I'm now able to wear shorts and a swimsuit without having to feel like I have to hide those dimples...They are gone!”
– Brandi B.
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