Benign Moles

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Benign Mole (Benign Nevus) Removal

Benign moles are harmless to your body, but can be frustrating to live with.  They can be in an uncomfortable place on your body and cause irritation, or make you self-conscious if they are on your face or in a highly visible location.  They also may look similar to cancerous moles.  If you are concerned about any of your moles, call Mountain Pine Dermatology in Meridian at 208-898-7467.
We will complete a thorough examination to determine if your moles are benign or cancerous.  We will document your moles so the next time you come in we can compare the moles.  We will be able to see any changes in color, size, or any new moles.

If you have a mole that is not cancerous, but you would like it removed, we can discuss removal options in any of our dermatology offices.

Mole removal procedures include shave removal or excision.  Freezing moles off or laser mole removal is generally not recommended because it is more likely to regrow and have a more atypical appearance.  Many patients are concerned about the scar left after their mole removal.  Because of modern techniques, and with our dermatologists experience and care, scars left behind are often minimal.

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